Wooden Playhouses For Outdoor Fun

Wooden playhouses could be just the thing you have been looking for. Playhouses are the key to every child’s imagination. They are easy to assemble, easy to look after and can be your kid’s special place to go with their toys in good or bad weather. A wooden playhouse can be painted and decorated to match your kids interests and can hold a lot of toys and games freeing up valuable space in your house.

Outdoor play is very important for a child’s development and to ensure they get enough exercise. Wooden playhouses will unlock your child’s imagination along with their friends during the long summer holidays when they need a lot of interesting things to be doing so they don’t suffer from the dreaded and tantrum starting boredom.

Wooden playhouses can be used by both boys and girls and can become and play kitchen, fortress, army base, secret den or hidden cave, the uses are endless. A playhouse can come in a massive variety of shapes and sizes and themes and are easy to put together and will last for many years with only a little maintenance in the form of wood weather protector or paint.

Wooden playhouses can be tucked away in the corner of the garden and will blend in with the surroundings a lot better than metal play equipment such as swings, climbing frames and slides. They also could be made into the main feature in your back garden and as your child grows so can the playhouse with add-ons such as wooden climbing frames, extensions or another playhouse. A wooden climbing frame would be an ideal place for your child to develop their sense of safe play, strength and a brilliant place to show off their climbing skills.

Wooden playhouses can be for everyday use but can also be fantastic and memorable places for special occasions such as a tea party with best friends, birthday parties and a place to open Christmas presents with lots of Christmas decorations making the playhouse into a winter wonderland or Santa’s grotto, the possibilities are endless and don’t have to be restricted to summer.

If you have a little one and struggle to find or afford enough activities to keep them happy and occupied during the long summer months the a wooden playhouse could be the answer you have been looking for, they will give your child a great start in life and will help them get plenty of fresh air, exercise and is a great place for them to socialize with friends and all while in the safety of your back garden where you can keep a caring eye on them.

The Truth About Wooden Playhouse Kits

The idea of a playhouse interests you. You think it could be the ideal addition to your children’s playroom or to the backyard. Maybe you remember spending hours enjoying your own childhood playhouse or perhaps you’ve seen your own kid having a blast in a neighbor’s mini-home. Whatever the situation, you’re thinking about buying one for your child and now you need to decide on the best option. You may have noticed a number of wooden playhouse kits on the market. Should you consider one of these instead of buying a plastic or resin option?

In most cases, the answer is a resounding “no”. Wooden playhouse kits can be an awesome purchase for the right person, but most parents will quickly find themselves wishing they had purchased an easy-to-assemble plastic alternative, instead.

A wood playhouse might look great and you might think of it as a way to give your child something special and unique. Your heart might be in the right place, but once you open the box and find yourself staring at all of the wooden pieces, screws, nails, brackets and other pieces of the puzzle, you’ll wish you had avoided the world of wooden playhouse kits altogether.

Now, if you’re a handy person who loves a prolonged do-it-yourself project, wooden playhouse kits might be perfect for your child. However, most parents aren’t interested in spending hours on their knees wielding hammers and tightening screws as they work their way through instruction guides filled with horribly drawn diagrams and assembly directions that are impossible to decipher.

Additionally, these playhouse kits don’t provide a large margin of error to the poor mom or dad who finds himself or herself playing mini-contractor. If you make a significant error when building one of these playhouses, you may accidentally damage or break an essential piece. That can create serious problems as you move forward with the project! You may end up with a half-built playhouse taking up a significant chunk of your garage as you wait for a replacement part to arrive via the world’s slowest moving steamship!

Are these criticisms of wooden playhouse kits exaggerated? Only slightly. Some folks don’t struggle that much with assembly and some units may not be mind-boggling in their complexity. However, in most cases, wood playhouse kits are one of those seemingly great ideas that invariably produce more hassle than they’re possibly worth. Most parents will be far happier spending their money on a simply plastic or resin alternative. Only those who are comfortable with tools and who actually enjoy the building process should consider wood playhouse kits.

A playhouse can be a great toy. A wooden playhouse can be absolutely wonderful. Before you opt to build a wooden unit, however, think long and hard about whether you really want to put in the time and effort necessary to complete the project.